The robot workshop gang: Robot shop of horrors
MegaBitty robot: MegaBitty robot
Brynn's PUMA 560: Puma 560 arm
Chris' flocking robots: Parts Arrive
My robots: Trippy the robot
Unimation Puma 560
Other information: A paper about range finding
MINI Cooper
Lightening strike on my Cable Modem
How to build a Wiring-compatible board.
PIC-SERVO software: Directory of software
Circuit Cellar Ink article.
PIC 12C509 experiments: PIC experiments
Tiny 8051: Tiny 8051
New projects control computer: Boot from Compact Flash
Rangefinders: Tryclops ranger experiments
Trippy ranger experiments
Files: Circuit Cellar author contract
Square Root on CPU32
Great RF design.
High-speed strobe experiments.
Cray-2 module.
Cray-3 module.
Converting Bruce Shapiro's robot.
SMM Hex-array bot.
Asimo visit to the U of MN.
Visit to the Swiss Technorama museum.
Visit to the CMU High bay.
Building a Ring light for a stereo microscope.