Have you ever wondered what the insides of the fastest supercomputer in the world looked like?
Yeah, I did too, so I took a Cray-3 module apart. Here are the photos.
Click on an image to see a larger one. Copy them wherever you like and use them as you see fit.

The module is a 4x4 array 4-layers thick.

There are 4 power connectors on one end

There is a plastic guard over each sub-module to prevent shorting against the next-door module

The module has MANY MANY wire connections to the module below it

This is the underside of a sub-module showing the upside-down GalliumArsenide dice.

This is a view of the complete stack showing many laters of interconnects.

The interconnects are several strands of incredibly fine wire in a sort of spring arrangement

How they assembled these is a mystery to me.

If you look very closely at the large version of this one, you can see the wires coming out the bottom of the top layer and continuing on through the lower layers

Finally, a close-up of the GalliumArsenide chip on the board.