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Trippy Wheel replacement

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When I originally built Trippy, all I could get were the hard nylon wheels but Brynn kept after the guy at some company, and eventually the guy went to Germany (no doubt to get Brynn to quit bugging him) and he came back with small rubber wheels for me!!! But this means that I need to take the whole terrible mechanism apart again. This is a really hard to assemble contraption. You can see a blow-up image here. This page shows the dis assembly process

The Trippy motor driver project

Checking the schematic against the reference documents.
Can you see the four wires that are going to the wrong place?

Taking it apart

Before the pit stop to change wheels
Wheel assemblies off.
I have NO IDEA why I have soo many wheels!
The rubber wheel with one roller removed.
Wheel assembly before wheel removal. You can see one roller removed. Unfortunately, it's the wrong one!
To get a roller pin pressed out, grow two extra hands. Notice the tape? I'm about to press out the wrong roller. BooHoo.
Now, you can barely get at the bolts holding the motor in place.
Now, you can get to the inner bearing screw.
And FINALLY, all apart! I had to take out THREE rollers before I got the right one!
Only one more to go!
I might as well change the motor mounts a little bit while they are off. I'll cut out some of the un needed metal so you can see the wheels better.

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