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Trippy's sensors

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Another super day in RSOH land. My wife thought it was a noremal RSOH day so she planned on going to a friend's house after Peter went to bed, so I invited Jeff over to try and get a peizo rate gyro and an analog Dinsmore compass working with Trippy.

He usually does the connector soldering while I try and figure out how to talk to the particular sensor using the motorobots library.
Six hours later....

We had the gyrocompass working. And it only took this much code:

setup_gyro() {
    PTAObjectP pta;
    ServoObjectP servo;

     * Configure TPU channel #3 to generate a 1 millisecond pulse
     * every 20 milliseconds or so. These are the default settings
     * for the servo routines.
    servo = servo_init(3);

     * Configure TPU channel #2 to capture the time the input pin is
     * low, and call the routine catch_period(time) with that time.
    pta = tpu_pta_init(2,MODE2,TCR1,1,&catch_period);

catch_period(uint32 value) {
     * Print out the time that TPU pin #2 has been low

Adding a rate gyro

A peizoelectric rate gyro
from a model helicopter.
A Dinsmore analog compass
with long wires.
Another shot of the gyro
A beautiful 1 millisecond
pulse pretending to be a
model helecopter reciever.
The captured pulse wisths
from the rate gyro after I
shook it around a bit.
Gyro and MRM with LCD panel

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