Bruce gets the "logo" for the math-magic section of the museum

The high-voltage electricity shop

Cool electromagnets and filings

Fluid stuff


You can click on the first 4 images to get HUGE images

Screwey nuts.

A geartrain ending in granite.

The times for 1 rev are: 15 Seconds, 12.5 minutes, 10.4 Hours,
21.7 Days, 2.97 Years, 148.5 Years,
7,427 Years, 371,000 Years, 18 Million Years,
928 Million Years, 46 Trillion years and finally, 2.3 Billion years!!!


Cool pattern generator

My face.

Weaving machine

Spinning strings and lights

Blowing fabric and lights.

Strange geartrains


Twangy thing

Twangy-springy thing

Sparky thing

Blowy thing