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Lightning damage to networking components

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The evening I left for Cambridge England, we had a storm in Plymouth, and lightning struck something in the area of my house. I suspect it hit the cable company's box out near the street since my neighbor lost his cable TV service at the same time.
I think that this is the path of the damage:
1) Entered at pillar near street. Cable end blasted.
2) Up the cable, and entered the modem. Modem blasted.
3) Out the ethernet connector into the WAN port on the router/switch. Switch blasted.
4) Out a connector and up to the Dell laptop cradle. Interface not working.
5) Out a connector and into the Sun Ultra-60. Interface not working.
6) Out a connector and into the Brother laser printer. Interface might not be working
7) Out a connector, outside, downstairs and into uplink port on 4-switch. Switch blasted.
8) Out a connector and into a DEC Alpha 4-processor server. Interface might not be working

The cable pillar

I found this in the cable company pillar box

The 3Com cable modem

Outgoing ethernet connector
Many toasted components
Side view of the connector

LinkSys EZXS554 5-port Ethernet switch from the basement.


LinkSys BEFSR81 8-port Ethernet Cable router/switch from upstairs.

This chip is missing something
Another blasted ethernet
The cable modem connector
Melted metal on the cable
modem connector
Plasitc underneath the PCB

The new lightening-proof setup.

An optical fiber interconnect link. $85 from eBay

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